Nic Salts? What are they and how do you use them?

See below for a brief explanation and email us if you have any questions!


The major differences between freebase nicotine and nicotine salt comes down to pH and alkalinity. Freebase nicotine has a much higher pH and alkalinity. These two factors are what creates throat hit. In nicotine salt-based liquids the addition of benzoic acid reduces pH and alkalinity giving the user a much smoother vaping experience. With the reduction of pH and alkalinity nicotine salt-based liquids can achieve much higher nicotine strengths.



  • Smoother nicotine “hit” – for those who are looking for the nicotine buzz without the strong throat hit of higher strength freebase liquids. Capable of high nicotine strengths.
  • Satisfaction – Nicotine salt-based liquids tend to have a faster absorption into the blood and a slower nicotine drop off in the bloodstream.
  • Flavor preservation – Nicotine salt liquids are less impacted by high nicotine strengths versus freebase liquids. In some cases, higher strength freebase liquids you can taste the nicotine and suffer from flavor degradation.
  • Longer shelf life – Due to the nicotine being in its natural state, it is more stable and less likely to oxidize over time.
  • Lower juice consumption – Since these liquids are traditionally used in non-sub-ohm devices users will typically go through less liquid over time. Can be used in most basic starter kits!



  • Higher nicotine strengths – these types of liquids may not be for everybody!
  • Fewer options – Not as widely or readily available as freebase nicotine liquids are.
  • NOT SUB-OHM CAPABLE AT HIGHER STRENGTHS – Cannot be stressed enough that most higher nicotine strength liquids should not be used in sub ohm/high power devices.


Who’s looking for nicotine salts?

  • Heavy smokers looking for a better alternative to traditional liquids
  • Someone looking for a simple device or a more cigarette like device
  • A smoother high nicotine vaping experience
  • Wants the buzz they got from smoking
  • Initial cost and cost over time
  • Someone who is looking for function over fashion


The main thing to note is that these liquids can not be used in sub-ohm tanks (meaning the resistance of the coil is less than 1.0ohm). This is because when you sub-ohm you are actually multiplying the nicotine amount because of the faster vaporization. If this were to happen with liquids that are higher than 24mg, there will be too much nicotine than your body can handle which could cause headaches and nausea. This won't be a factor in devices with a 1.0ohm coil rating or higher. If you are unsure, ask us and we can help you out.