DOGETANK HELYX Coil Set | 0.2ohm


HELYX® is a completely wireless coil which offers significant benefits in safety and ease of use compared to traditional coils. Modeled to replicate DNA, HELYX® allows balanced heat production, removing heat spots and burning, resulting in smoother flavor while also removing the need for solder. This means the coils are 100% food grade stainless steel. The Gold plated HELYX® used in Dogetank are 0.2ohms and are recommended to be used around 50 - 120 watts. They are leak resistant, inexpensive, and easy to replace. The HELYX® coil disassembles with no tools, and can be good as new with fresh cotton and soap and water.

Rebuilding is easy, since there are no wires to re-attach, or lead solder joints that break down. Replacement coils are offered in a kit that comes with one complete HELYX® coil in Gold plated body, with 4 additional pure HELYX® coils. This ensures you can continue to have fresh coils for a long time to come.