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ISMK VapinUSA iGo3 Kit


The iGo 3 kit is one of our best selling starter kits. This great kit has a battery indicator light which shows 'green' for fully charged 'orange for >50% charge, and 'red' for >20%. Battery can sit on the charging dock to get a full charge. Batteries normally last 300 charges, holding a charge for 5-8 hours of use. CE4 tanks are disposable after 1-3 weeks of use, any tank can be purchased to replace the disposable tank.

Easy to use, great gift, everything you need to get started except for the liquids.


iGo3 Battery

iGo3 Charger



Product Includes:

  • (2) 650mAh Batteries
  • (2) CE4 Disposable Tanks
  • (1) USB and Wall Adapter Combo
  • (1) Standing Charging Dock
  • (1) Empty Liquid Bottle for Mixing
  • (1) User Guide


Product is intended for use with Tobacco Free Nicotine (TFN)