Orchard Blends

Orchard Blends - 60ml - Berry Limeade


Created by the same world-renowned team of expert artisans at Five Pawns, Orchard Blends is their latest collection, which has been met with tremendous enthusiasm from the global vaping community. Skillfully crafted with the same first-rate USA ingredients used in all of their premium products, Orchard Blends is a trailblazing assortment, as it is crafted with the purest form of tobacco-free nicotine. Within this distinguished series, Berry Limeade in one of the most flavorful blends, and a refreshing concoction you are sure to relish.

Berry Limeade E-Juice by Orchard Blends is an exquisitely invigorating offering that delivers a burst of magnificent taste you will never want to put down. This complex delight begins with a batch of fresh, homemade limeade. It is then enhanced with a selection of sun-ripened raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries, balancing the limeade flavor flawlessly.

If you fancy light, crisp, and refreshing fruit blends, Berry Limeade is one you definitely want to try!