Orchard Blends

Orchard Blends - 60ml - Melon Mash


When it comes to the most exclusive e-liquid blends available, no other company rivals Five Pawns. Their award-winning assortment of concoctions is celebrated by vapors from around the globe. Made with the very finest food and pharmaceutical-grade domestic ingredients, their master mixologists have created some of the most complex and illustrious e-juice flavors the vaping community has ever seen. It is, then, no wonder why the release of their latest collection has been met with such extraordinary enthusiasm. We are honored to introduce you to Orchard Blends by Five Pawns.

Melon Mash E-Juice by Orchard Blends is a Southwest Asian-inspired concoction that combines a selection of exotic melons, resulting in a genuinely exceptional fruit flavor. This masterpiece unites sweet Honey Melons, juicy Black Diamond Watermelons, and succulent Halona Cantaloupes. The exquisite melon blend is unequivocally mouthwatering, making Melon Mash among the most flavorful fruity e-liquids available today.

If you enjoy fresh fruit flavors, don’t think twice about picking up a bottle of Melon mash by Orchard Blends!