Orchard Blends

Orchard Blends - 60ml - Pineapple Kiwi


The moment Five Pawns entered the vaping industry nearly a decade ago, they raised the bar on quality, complexity, and sophistication to new heights. Their exclusive blends have enjoyed unparalleled popularity all over the world, earning an unsurpassed number of awards along the way. Due to their remarkable success and prevalence, the vaping community was truly exhilarated when Five Pawns announced the release of their latest collection—Orchard Blends. Made with the same high-quality USA ingredients as all of their first-rate products, Orchard Blends utilizes the purest form of tobacco-free nicotine in their intoxicating creations, providing for a genuinely smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

Pineapple Kiwi E-Juice by Orchard Blends is a multi-layered fruity delight that will light up your taste buds with every draw. This masterpiece combines the sweet essence of Hawaiian Queen Pineapples with the mouthwatering taste of juicy Hardy Kiwis. The combination of fruit flavors is absolutely delectable and makes for a truly superior vape that will satiate even the most selective of vapers.

If you are looking for a fruit-flavored e-liquid unlike anything you have experienced, Pineapple Kiwi by Orchard Blends is one you simply must try!