Vapelustion - Hannya 230W II

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Zinc-alloy fuselage with a private model is divided into three colors (red, white and black). Each product has three sets and total 6 pcs replacement of art panels. Based on the Japanese classic Genji, through sophisticated design, we designed Hannya in the form of closest way to original work, which is different from the general Japanese-style MOD products in the market. Our research on Japanese culture is more profound. During the design period, we consulted a lot of design documents and files. From Master つきおかよしとし to Master とりやませきえん, every detail shows the awe of Ukiyoe painting and design.

The maximum explosive power is 230W

The 510 stainless steel interface is compatible with most atomizers

With zinc-alloy & sand-blasted fuselage, customized & big-match chip, it has amazing instantaneous ignition ability and explosive power